Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization Services to Build Brand Equity

Social media platforms on the internet are truly considered at par with the popular search engines. It has become extremely common for the people to logon to the websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and look for information about different brands. This provides a great opportunity to the online business owners to popularize their brands and interact with increasing numbers of customers. Social media optimization (SMO) is all about making a website capable of achieving benefits from various social platforms.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

Search engine optimization helps in increasing the visibility of a website and in directing more traffic to it. Social media optimization does the similar task, but with the help of mediums where there are higher chances of finding potential customers. Here are some unique benefits of implementing SMO practices:

  • Direct interaction with live users, many of which may show interest in your business
  • Extensive popularization of business content by sharing articles, news, images and videos
  • Instant updates about the business activities and instant feedback from the viewers
  • Quality web traffic from reputed and reliable social media websites
  • Link popularity and easy link building
  • Most importantly, brand awareness and brand equity building

Two SMO Services Categories

In addition to SEO services in Gujarat, we are engaged into winning SMO services that can improve the presence of your business on the internet. Our services are included in two categories which include:

  • Integration of social media elements with the website content to improve social involvement of the website. The elements used in this category include share buttons, RSS feeds, ratings and reviews, polls and surveys and so on.
  • Content promotion on different social media websites

It is important to understand the second category of SMO services in detail. UniBiz Informatics makes use of the following online platforms for the purpose of content promotion:

  • Social networking websites like Facebook
  • Microblogging websites like Twitter
  • Video sharing websites like YouTube
  • Image sharing websites and professional network websites
  • Social bookmarking websites
  • Forums, discussion boards, blogs, press release distribution websites

Various techniques we utilize to execute social media optimization include:

  • Creating and maintaining business profile pages on social media website
  • Joining relevant groups of these websites and actively participating in the activities
  • Submitting original, keyword rich and good quality content to various social media websites on regular basis
  • Obtaining regular feedback from the users
  • Encouraging the user and website visitors to join your social media profiles and to share the content with more and more people
  • Actively interacting with all the users to make them feel privileged

In addition, we manage the landing pages to handle the traffic generated through social media optimization. SMO is creating the right buzz for effectively combining the winning aspects of SEO and internet marketing. The business owners can expect to achieve the multiple benefits of increased traffic, enhanced visibility, lead generation and desired returns on investment with our SMO campaigns.

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